Coaching Approach

My Unique Coaching Approach

Everyone is unique. Therefore, I custom design my approach to the individual I am coaching. I provide a free complimentary session to see if we would like to work together. If we decide to work together, I will send by mail or email a Welcome Package. Our coaching sessions will be scheduled.

I will work with you in whatever way serves you best. My training and background have led me to believe that effective coaching needs to consider the whole person and their life in context. You function at your best when every area of your life is maximized.

We will always focus on what is important to you and find ways to make the breakthroughs you want to make. As your coach, I will listen deeply, empower you and encourage you, motivate and support you. I will offer a safe place for you during the session.

If you are seriously considering some important changes in your life and would like to have a conversation about working together – I would love to hear from you. If you do not see significant benefits you can end coaching with no questions asked. Let’s explore what is possible for you. Together we will develop a plan for your success!