Since I was a small child I knew I wanted to help people. I attended the University of Illinois and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. I loved the field so much I attended graduate school and obtained a Master’s Degree in Social Work.

For twenty-two years I worked in the child abuse and neglect field. Working with children was so gratifying to me. They were maltreated and victimized and this was such important work. I continued my interest in education thus receiving licensure as a clinical social worker. In addition, I am board certified in clinical social work. I have experience as a life coach and enjoy helping individuals reach their goals.

My training in the field of social work gives me expertise in the areas of:

Human Development – understanding the development and transitions throughout the ache lifespan
Health and Wellness – this is an area that a person has to work at. After working with maltreated and victimized children and adults for 24 years, I understand the effects on your health and wellness.

My expertise in the above areas and my life experience is the value of hiring me or my partner, https://michaelthefacilitator.com/about-michael/best-motivational-speaker/ as your coach or business mentor. I am passionate about making a difference in your life!